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My Community Service Lie · 7106 days ago

In the beginning of the 2004-2005 school year I was informed that the Red Cross was a new, fun way to help out the community. While in the club I participated in a few school spirit activities, and I even visited an orphanage during the holiday break among other community related events. We would meet once a week on Wednesdays and give our thoughts on how we can make the community better, or give suggestions on how to make the school better. While not all suggestions where transformed into events and activities we would still give our thoughts.
During the first month of the club’s opening we participated in a “Red Cross Picnic” where we raised money for future activities and even tried out a few games for a future event. The future event was “Gater Growl,” modeled after the University of Miami’s “Gater Growl.” While UM’s “Gater Growl” is a giant pep rally where the entire school participates, our “Gater Growl” was a weeklong competition among all the clubs in the school. The events that were suggested and practiced during the picnic were then reviled and after the week was up three clubs were chosen. Even though it is a competition sponsored by our club we only received third place.
About a week ago a small group of us participated in giving out blankets and comforters to the homeless in Downtown Miami. Our club sponsor drove us there, and we were received with open arms. Only one incident accord, in which when the trunk was opened a group of homeless people showed up and took one bag filled with comforters and disappeared into the dark. The other two bags were taken into the homeless shelter and handed out evenly. I felt glad that night, because it was an abnormal 40 degrees out that night. I believe that we helped many people that night.
My most memorable memory while in the Red Cross is going to the orphanage to deliver Christmas toys to the children. We had collected toys from within our group, and even from some outside sources, for weeks. By the time we got there we had three large boxes filled to the brim with toys. The children’s faces were light with happiness when they saw what we had brought them. It was a bit hectic at first, but after order was restored we handed out the toys trying to make sure that every child got his share. After they played with their toys for a while we gave them an even bigger surprise. We had brought some extra items with us, and after unloading them from the car we explained to the kids that we would be playing games with them. We played games that were featured in “Gater Growl” like Mummy Relay, Tug of War, and a Water Balloon toss. I believe we gave the children a memory that they will not soon forget.
All in this entire club has made many changes in the community. We made changes not only within the community, but also within our own school. I know that there is a secret idea in the works to leave a legacy in the school, but like many things in this club we will only find out when it is final. I can’t wait for the next event to come, another picnic.

Note: It is mostly a lie….

— Adan Gonzalez


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