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'... The voice says "Un-freakin''-believeable"' · 7165 days ago

Saturday night, while puzzling through story lines for comix that i promised to finish… Sean A.K.A “The Black Democratic Bastard” IMed me, and so a conversation between two halo veterans began… Some topics worth looking over.

Daigo Kazama 7: 25 straight kills on Live.
Daigo Kazama 7: “Overkill” medal. The voice says “Un-freakin’-believeable”
Jota4sho: either they suck…or your getting better
Daigo Kazama 7: A little of both.
Jota4sho: ...
Daigo Kazama 7: I’m becoming more competent with the beam rifle.
Daigo Kazama 7: And sniper rifle.
Jota4sho: id they the first to keep a false sence of security
Daigo Kazama 7: Oh, I know I could never do it again, and it had a lot to do with them sucking.
Daigo Kazama 7: But it felt good.
Jota4sho: .... they prove useful in getting easy kills…
Jota4sho: lol
Daigo Kazama 7: I boarded Tanks like nobody’s business, sniped 10 people, it just…flowed.
Jota4sho: oh well…id like to see it happen again…mabey next time id let you kill me instead of throwing the gernade
Daigo Kazama 7: Might be nice.
Jota4sho: you were close
Jota4sho: i guess the adrenyline got in the way of your judgement
Jota4sho: i was an easy kill too…jus got out of a battle
Jota4sho: but you just had to go around that corner didnt you…
Daigo Kazama 7: I had just gotten out of 4, remember?
Daigo Kazama 7: I was trying to run!
Jota4sho: true
Daigo Kazama 7: There was nowhere to run..
Daigo Kazama 7: Only death….
Jota4sho: but really…you against me in close combat
Jota4sho: you have the advantage in skill
Daigo Kazama 7: I’m sure, but then there’s that…sniping..
Daigo Kazama 7: Fuckign..distance…
Daigo Kazama 7: Rifles…
Daigo Kazama 7: Bullets…
Daigo Kazama 7: Headshot.
Jota4sho: ...death…
Jota4sho: aww man bringing memories of me and azzmasters duel
Daigo Kazama 7: The cold embrace of the reaper…
Jota4sho: we just kept assasinating people
Jota4sho: and they just kept letting us…
Daigo Kazama 7: Too many people to pay attention to.
Daigo Kazama 7: No radar.
Jota4sho: oh yeah…that got crazy
Jota4sho: especially for snipers…who lose vision while targeting
Daigo Kazama 7: Yup.
Jota4sho: edgar kept killing ruth on her sniping position becouse of that…
Jota4sho: she never saw him coming
Daigo Kazama 7: Ruth has a problem seeing a lot coming.
Jota4sho: ...
Jota4sho: i can see he fear in her face whenever i came at her…
Jota4sho: i usually charge them so that they back up into things
Jota4sho: its interesting the way their aim detiriorates as they freak out even more
Daigo Kazama 7: That’s what I like about being the best player, and the easiest to recognize…being a seven foot tall pink monster.
Daigo Kazama 7: People freak the hell out.
Jota4sho: oh yeah… they knew when me and edgar were coming, the white [edgar] or black [me] elite were something to consider shooting at first
Daigo Kazama 7: THAT being the down-side.
Daigo Kazama 7: When people see you in battle…you’re always the target.
Jota4sho: ...thats why we make our kills quick and clean…the only way to survive to the next target
Jota4sho: we spend too much time on one guy…were asking for it
Jota4sho: you cant tell me you spend more than 5 seconds on one enemy…any longer and you can expect company
Jota4sho: [and you know which of the two theyll be shooting at]
Daigo Kazama 7: True story.
Jota4sho: yeah
Jota4sho: especially if its another advanced guy… ike josh… or edgar…. not to mention armando…
Jota4sho: they go for you first… then take out the wounded rookie for a double kill…
Jota4sho: [i would know…ive done it befor]
Daigo Kazama 7: I can imagine. Although I think a friend of mine may be getting even better with grenades than Josh.
Jota4sho: ?
Jota4sho: !!
Jota4sho: i fear
Daigo Kazama 7: I know. I was shocked too
Daigo Kazama 7: I swear he’s a fucking plasma grenade quaterback.
Daigo Kazama 7: quarter*
Jota4sho: ...becouse there was a time when we could kill josh, only to be sent to our deaths by hanging around the body too long
Daigo Kazama 7: EXACTLY!
Daigo Kazama 7: I kill Phil…and then I randomly explode into a cloud of blue.
Jota4sho: but if this guy is the dan marino of plasma….
Daigo Kazama 7: I don’t even see that I’m tagged half the time.
Jota4sho: i fear
Jota4sho: lol
Jota4sho: you trun around and splooosh!
Daigo Kazama 7: He absolutely sucks with most guns though…
Jota4sho: LOL
Daigo Kazama 7: Surprisingly good with a needler.
Daigo Kazama 7: Or…two of them.
Jota4sho: just fire and forget
Daigo Kazama 7: Yeah…but how often do they actually HIT anything?
Jota4sho: ....well that depends on distance
Jota4sho: you cant out run them at close range… but that leaves you at risk of the explosions…
Daigo Kazama 7: Well yeah, he uses them from up close, but the thing is that he’s sneaky..that’s how he gets tag kills.
Daigo Kazama 7: And You don’t know you’re being hit by needler until they go boom.
Jota4sho: im good with the needler…but dont use it enough in multiplayer combat
Daigo Kazama 7: And if like…7 are in you at once before any explode…fuck an over shield…that’s it.
Jota4sho: yup
Jota4sho: lets not forget his taggin happyness
Daigo Kazama 7: Damn it all..
Jota4sho: the ol one two pucnh
Jota4sho: if the frag dont get you first…the needler will
Daigo Kazama 7: I swear…one on Lockout I COULD NOT kill him without exploding right afterwards
Jota4sho: lol
Jota4sho: hahaha
Daigo Kazama 7: Fucking 17 “Stuck” medals.
Jota4sho: whoa
Jota4sho: thats ludicrus
Jota4sho: just to use the word
Daigo Kazama 7: That’s ALL he did.
Daigo Kazama 7: If you killed him, you were going to explode..
Jota4sho: well hes got sumthin
Daigo Kazama 7: It was like a gypsy curse or something..
Jota4sho: “no stay away”....“comon shoot me i dare you!”
Daigo Kazama 7: Exactly. Lockout isn’t exactly a distance level.
Jota4sho: how does he fair in the larger levels
Daigo Kazama 7: Example….Okay…Well…you know where the sword is in Zanzibar?
Jota4sho: yeah i think i remmeber
Jota4sho: have to play
Daigo Kazama 7: Right like…in the windmill.
Jota4sho: mmhmm
Jota4sho: yea ok
Daigo Kazama 7: And you know that wall that separates the beach and the rest of the level?
Jota4sho: jea
Daigo Kazama 7: He tagged me from atop there while I was getting the sword.
Daigo Kazama 7: Twice.
Jota4sho: ...
Jota4sho: talent
Jota4sho: evil…
Jota4sho: but talented
Daigo Kazama 7: Again…he sucks at almost anything else.
Daigo Kazama 7: It’s all just focused there…
Daigo Kazama 7: I’m sure he’d be incredibly useful in a team setting.
Jota4sho: scary thing though… to be that good with gernades…
Daigo Kazama 7: Only plasmas
Daigo Kazama 7: Can’t hit shit with frags.
Jota4sho: ooo…
Daigo Kazama 7: It’s all that Madden 2005 playing he does.
Jota4sho: well then keep him away from those things then
Jota4sho: >_<
Daigo Kazama 7: It’s his favorite game.
Daigo Kazama 7: Apparently it makes good Halo training.
Jota4sho: im glad i didnt bring ralf to halo night
Jota4sho: he says he dominates in that…
Jota4sho: imagine a hale mary toss with a plasma to a jeep full of master cheifs
Daigo Kazama 7: That probably stings.
Jota4sho: ....josh be driving, id be side seat… and youd be gunner…. all blown to smitherines…
Jota4sho: by a plasma
Daigo Kazama 7: I can’t remember thae last time I used a regular Warthog…
Daigo Kazama 7: All Gauss Warthogs or Spectres if available.
Jota4sho: hmm… capture the flag?
Daigo Kazama 7: Spectres.
Daigo Kazama 7: Wait, no.
Daigo Kazama 7: SPectres in team slayer.
Jota4sho: better to be rid of them than get run over later
Daigo Kazama 7: CTF the vehicles we turn on are Gauss, ghosts, and wraiths.
Jota4sho: and they get pummeled early
Daigo Kazama 7: Since Wraith tanks are easier to take down that Scorpions.
Daigo Kazama 7: A little more fair.
Jota4sho: lol
Daigo Kazama 7: than*
Jota4sho: damn scorpions and their mini guns
Daigo Kazama 7: Gauss Warthogs because they rock, and Ghosts for those Cowboy flag thiefs.
Daigo Kazama 7: Exactly.
Daigo Kazama 7: Although I don’t have TOO much of a problem taking them down anymore.
Jota4sho: not even the big guns scare me… its the fact that they can shoot you down even if the cannon misses
Daigo Kazama 7: I’m trying to teach my friends how, but they alwasy shoot at it or throw grenades to give themselves away.
Daigo Kazama 7: always*
Jota4sho: just ride em and knock em out
Daigo Kazama 7: Exactly.
Jota4sho: you come you see you coinquer
Daigo Kazama 7: But my friends insist on Grenades and battle rifles.
Daigo Kazama 7: Against a TANK...
Jota4sho: mabey if he had an over sheild…and a onvisability…and some luck…lots of it…....
Jota4sho: mabey not
Daigo Kazama 7: the problem is not that scorpions are nigh invincible to all small arms fire.
Daigo Kazama 7: Even plasmas don’t do much.
Daigo Kazama 7: Rockets, vehicles, and boarding.
Jota4sho: yup..
Daigo Kazama 7: And vehicles are RISKY.
Jota4sho: rockets are fun…
Daigo Kazama 7: Oh my yes.
Daigo Kazama 7: Homing sweetness..
Jota4sho: although i have killed some one with a sniper rifle…
Daigo Kazama 7: In a tank?
Daigo Kazama 7: How?
Jota4sho: ... i had the distance
Daigo Kazama 7: Oh..hatch already knocked off?
Jota4sho: and the ammo
Jota4sho: and some ideot was trying to get in
Jota4sho: he died first
Daigo Kazama 7: Ah.
Jota4sho: ...then the tank driver followed
Jota4sho: it was sweet…
Daigo Kazama 7: Because Sniper rifles…either kind…do zero damage to vehicles…unless the driver is in the open.
Daigo Kazama 7: Like..if some ass knocked the hatch off..
Daigo Kazama 7: And some ass sniped him.
Daigo Kazama 7: You’d be that second ass.
Jota4sho: should see me dehorse people from ghosts…
Daigo Kazama 7: I still can’t do that.
Jota4sho: i love
Jota4sho: it
Daigo Kazama 7: I can snipe people on foot fairly easy now…I’m not trigger happy…
Jota4sho: ..its best when they try to tackel and miss
Jota4sho: when they turn around is when you gotta get em
Jota4sho: lol
Jota4sho: well its hard not to be at close range
Daigo Kazama 7: hi
Daigo Kazama 7: That was my roommate.
Daigo Kazama 7: Anyway, back to Halo.
Daigo Kazama 7: Do you prefer the Particle beam or sniper rifle?
Jota4sho: how much do you play noadays
Jota4sho: sniper
Daigo Kazama 7: A-fucking-lot
Jota4sho: particle can get in some extra shots
Jota4sho: but nothing beats being abole to find a nest and continue with the same rifle
Jota4sho: that and the other feels weird…
Jota4sho: if there isnt a loud bang after a head shot…it doesnt feel right
Daigo Kazama 7: I prefer the beam.
Daigo Kazama 7: Dunno why.
Jota4sho: rapid fire?
Daigo Kazama 7: There’s just something endearing about the purple stream of justice.
Jota4sho: i mean if you dont over do it…you can get in plenty shots with out reloading
Daigo Kazama 7: Exactly.
Jota4sho: ....still i think being a shell weapon.. the sniper has its tactical advantage over a more broader range of targets
Daigo Kazama 7: I just prefer how it kills. I mean…the loud bang is nice, but I just love the the more quiet beam of doom.
Daigo Kazama 7: I believe that’s true.
Jota4sho: although it is degrading to be killed by that thin purple beam….
Daigo Kazama 7: I just think the beam is cooler.
Jota4sho: to be honest ide rather be killed by the sniper than the beam
Daigo Kazama 7: And when it over heats you do the cool smoking, shaking hand thing.
Jota4sho: it feels like more effort was put to kill me
Jota4sho: well then your in for some shit if that last shot didnt kill your target
Daigo Kazama 7: That’s becoming a bigger and bigger if by the day.
Daigo Kazama 7: I’m still nowhere near your level.
Daigo Kazama 7: But I can get consistent kills sniping now.
Daigo Kazama 7: Which is a nice feeling.
Jota4sho: its what drives me to kill…...... still, id like to sniper duel you one day when your ready
Daigo Kazama 7: Ha. Like that’ll ever happen.
Daigo Kazama 7: I still enjoy personal massacres more.
Jota4sho: beam verses shell
Daigo Kazama 7: Especially taking down sword-wielders.
Daigo Kazama 7: That just SO rewarding.
Jota4sho: ....yeah, they can get plucky whle carrying those things
Daigo Kazama 7: I used to think they were like…the ultimate weapon..
Daigo Kazama 7: Now they’re kind of a joke.
Jota4sho: ...we wary
Jota4sho: when the right person weilds it
Jota4sho: but true… i mean were used to killing guys like that since halo 1
Daigo Kazama 7: Plasma pistol in the right hand, Sub-machine gun in the left. Or Submachine gun in the right hand, pistol in the left.“Haha! You’ve got a plasma sword! Cute! Now die”
Jota4sho: ...
Jota4sho: lol
Daigo Kazama 7: They almost always die in mid-lunge.
Jota4sho: im familiar with the tactic
Jota4sho: ... i jump
Daigo Kazama 7: Yeah…because that always works..
Daigo Kazama 7: Or never..
Jota4sho: the sub is whats gonna get me but the plasma is your touch for the kill
Jota4sho: if it misses… you gotta hope for some distance
Daigo Kazama 7: True.
Jota4sho: but with your aim, i wouldnt worry too much
Daigo Kazama 7: I don’t worry. Swords are no problem so ling as I see them first.
Daigo Kazama 7: long*
Jota4sho: ...why i only use em after im sure theyve got a nice warm feeling of victory…
Daigo Kazama 7: But with no radar, and since I don’t screen-look anymore, or at least not intentionally…I get snuck up on a lot.
Jota4sho: remmeber my assultrifle-shot-then-suddenly-switch-to-the-blade kill tactic
Jota4sho: they get close thinking their gonna mow me down
Daigo Kazama 7: That’s a good one.
Jota4sho: ...too bad it only work one on one
Daigo Kazama 7: Of course…word spreads that you have the blade quickly.
Jota4sho: ....then the bullets pur in your direction
Jota4sho: *pour
Daigo Kazama 7: Oh yeah…question..maybe this is just a glitch, but Phil was on the back of a wraith today and was punching it for like…7 minutes straight, and it never busted open so he could plant the grenade. Can you not crack a Wraith open by punching open the back?
Jota4sho: you know ive never tried it… something to ponder on….
Jota4sho: ask josh… hell test it for ya
Jota4sho: remmeber im the only one here who doesnt actually own the game
Daigo Kazama 7: Still?
Jota4sho: i have to plractive off of other fps to compete
Jota4sho: (practice]
Jota4sho: jea
Jota4sho: well dont even have xbox dont ja know
Jota4sho: >_<
Daigo Kazama 7: Aaaaah.
Jota4sho: it give me a warm feeling inside when i kill people in halo while knowing that
Daigo Kazama 7: As well you should.
Jota4sho: although it takes a game or tow for me to adjust
Daigo Kazama 7: Anyway…I’m off for the night.
Daigo Kazama 7: Later man.
Jota4sho: alright… ive got some cix to finsh so laterz
Jota4sho: *comix
Jota4sho: night man
Daigo Kazama 7 is away at 3:39:34 AM.

Like the IM said, it ended at around 3:39… I was sleepy and yet decided to post this anyways. I still got comix to finish anyways so im off… Sanitario

— Jorge Vasquez


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