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First Post · 6269 days ago

Welcome all to the new (and improved) Memoirs of a Novice. This is one of my few projects that I’ve really neglected, so I thought it would be kind of nice to revamp the project and give it another go.

For my previous visitors, the site will be functioning much the same as before with stories of those moments in our lives when we realize that ourselves (or some other individual) has been blundering through life with no regard for the rest of us, but somehow quites through the end of the day without a meeting between anvil and head.

As for my new visitors, this site is an old hobby/project that I (Josh Ricart) started many years ago when I realized I’d like to share some of the stories and my blunders (though few as they were). I’m a professional web developer and currently manage a small company in Miami that deals in heavy equipment sales (that would be those big machines used to build your homes).

So then, much like my previous site’s welcome message…
“We may not have a fireplace and some hot cocoa waiting for you, but we’ll offer some attentive listeners.”

— Josh Ricart



  1. I enjoy your site very much.

    Donald Swain · Jul 22, 04:11 PM · #

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